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What we do

FIERCE revitalises alliances between the feminist movement, civil society and political decision makers.

FIERCE Approach

FIERCE develops in-depth understanding of feminist and anti-feminist/anti-gender movements, activities and discourses, and their impact on the institutional arena and on policy outcomes on five key areas focusing on the period 2010-2021.

5 key areas

Adopting a bottom-up approach, FIERCE relies on a systematic construction of eight case studies (eight countries across Europe) and a comparative dimension-driven analysis of the way debates and controversies on gender influenced the dynamics and output of the policy process.

8 case studies

FIERCE target groups


FIERCE provides a novel framework for analysing feminist and antifeminist movement discourse, organisation and effect.

It can be deployed to replicate the research methodology on feminist and antifeminist movements and to advance this field of research and contribute to political studies, gender/feminist studies, sociology of social movements research.

FIERCE will provide them the opportunity to participate in a transnational network fostering mutual/peer learning, to suggest, co-create and test innovations in partnership.

FIERCE’s Labs and Transnational networks provide dedicated arenas to bridge with representatives from feminist movements and civil society. Thus, policy makers will be able to integrate feminist issues in their political and policy agendas and enhance their accountability towards feminist civil society.
FIERCE’s democratic innovations will translate in clear and actionable messages the project results, so to improve people’s lives practically on gender equality fields.


11 partners from 8 different countries across Europe including 7 universities (AAU, SNS, UCM, UG, AUTH, KU, UL) 2 NGOs (EA, MI), 2 SMEs (VIL, SV), joined forces at the FIERCE project.

Latest news

Here comes the FIERCE project!

On the 1st of September 2022, the FIERCE project kicked-off with an online meeting full of enthusiastic partners already eager to collaborate and co-create. The project’s main goal is to

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FIERCE - Feminist Movements Revitalizing Democracy in Europe

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Project Coordinator:
Mpampis Chatzimallis

Dissemination Manager:
Kyriaki Karydou

EN-Funded by the EU-POS

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101061748.

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